His care

I often thank God for taking such good care of us. Besides everything else, this terrarium we live in and everything in it which we take for granted, he gave us extras yesterday.

I went downstairs to make lunch, which did not involve using the stove, and “happened” to notice a low blue flame quietly keeping hot one of the burners on the stove (on which we had heated sausages for breakfast), four hours after we’d finished using it. Thank You for Your protection, Lord!

And He led me to an anecdote in one of my 24 (one-to-two inch thick) journals when I had no idea where to begin looking for it, just half a page among thousands of pages, an anecdote about contentment in Malibu I wanted to use on hiddeninjesus. I prayed first, then picked up one volume at random, riffled through it, put it down, picked up another–and opened almost right to it. Thank You for Your very personal love, Lord!

He’s taking care of us now as we hurt from the news that men who had already trashed our reputations stomped on them once and for all last Sunday. I didn’t realize it would hurt all over again. I didn’t think I still cared. We had already given our reputations to God to do with as He pleases. Thank You Lord, that Your opinion of us is ultimately the only one that matters.


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