Beauty in small spaces (2)

“What did you do with all the living room furniture?” you ask. We fit it all in the dining room, with the dining room table.

“Why?” you ask. My first husband’s mother had to move to a nursing home recently. It’s a good one but being anywhere unfamiliar is distressing to her because her memory is shot.

So we brought her furniture here and set her bedroom up for her, in case she can move in with us when she needs hospice and let us take care of her at the end.

If not, we will have the set stored here in case our daughter wants it someday.

I like the small beauty created by combining all the living room furniture in our dining room. Now it’s a parlor–minus the antimacassars. It feels much cozier and more intimate.


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3 Responses to Beauty in small spaces (2)

  1. Diane Lowell says:

    I really like what you have done! It IS cozy and intimate! Is there any chance Marge can stay with you? We brought my dad into our home when he needed hospice. He only lived three months, but he wasn’t hooked up to anything when he died. It was an emotional experience for us, but we were glad he was able to be here and not in a facility. Diane

  2. We are not the ones who can make that decision.

  3. Mrs. N says:

    Your creativity worked well! The furniture blends very well and it is very cozy and looks comfortable!

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