And His works go on (in China)

The spread of God’s good news throughout China has been accompanied by numerous documented examples of healings and other miracles. One of the founders of the underground church, with members now in the millions, was Brother Yun, who came to be known as “the heavenly man.” In prison (just one of many instances) “the Lord used him to heal some of [his fellow prisoners and guards] and eventually they all came to faith in Jesus Christ.”

He himself received deliverance and healing directly from the Lord. Imprisoned for the third time at the age of 39, Yun hit bottom spiritually and emotionally. He had escaped once and refused to promise not to try again so guards mercilessly beat his lower legs with batons, breaking and crushing the bones. “I lay on the ground screaming like a wounded animal. Excruciating pain surged through my body and mind. All I could do was try to focus my thoughts on the Lord Jesus and his suffering on the cross. I thought I was going to die but the Lord sustained me.” He was so crippled his legs were “black and unusable. I couldn’t even stand up, let alone walk.” He had to be carried to the toilet–and to the room where he was tortured every day. Crushed in spirit as well as in body, he cried out to God, “I can’t take it any more!” And the Lord answered, “Do not throw away your confidence. It will be richly rewarded” and “Surely I will deliver you for a good purpose.”

Then, on the morning of May 5, 1997, the Lord told Yun, “This is the hour of your salvation. Go now! The God of Peter is your God!” The vision God had given Yun of iron gates opening, one after another, became a reality. The man who could not walk, could hardly crawl, stood up and walked, as if in a dream, out of the Zhengzhou Number One Maximum Security Prison, climbed into a taxi and asked to be driven to the home of Christian friends. Just like Peter, he stood at the door while a young girl, seeing who was there, left him standing while she ran inside to tell others that their brother was free! One eye-witness wrote, “I couldn’t believe it when I saw Yun walking out! There were probably thirty prison guards in the yard at the time, but no one noticed Yun escape! He even walked right past several of them,” and another wrote, “The prison authorities had mocked the Lord and Yun when they smashed his legs. They said, ‘We’d like to see you escape now!” The Lord is always up to a challenge!”

Yun did not realize until afterward that the Lord must have healed his legs in his cell. “I marveled at God’s goodness and faithfulness to me,” he writes. “To this day I consider my escape from prison the most amazing experience of my life. That night I slept like a content newborn baby in the arms of my Lord.”

From Chapter 22, “A Miraculous Escape,” in The Heavenly Man, with Paul Hattaway, Monarch Books, 2002.More fully summarized on my blog BONUS FEATURES (


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