My last post: not quite accurate

I have found my journal entry for Bobbie’s healing and I was not quite accurate in what I wrote from memory. Bobbie actually fell on her tailbone. And when the doctor healed her, although I’m sure inwardly he was praying, out loud he was commanding pain and fear to leave. Also, I’d forgotten the other healings that took place at the same time, even though I was involved in them! Here’s what I recorded the Monday after that weekend:

May 25, 2009  After a full day of powerful ministry, we had our usual Saturday night time of praise and worship. Suddenly one of the intercessors slipped and fell hard on her tailbone, causing her agonizing pain from hip to pelvis. . . Shaking violently all over, her face wet with perspiration, she was crying out for Jesus to come heal her.

We got the impression from her cries that in addition to the physical pain there were other areas of pain in her life that she had been asking God to heal for years. She was saying things like, “When will I ever be healed? When will the pain ever be over?”

A doctor who had come to be prayed for had told Jerry and me that he had seen God do miraculous healings in South America through the laying on of his hands and his prayers. He was not claiming any credit for this. I told him I had seldom (personally) seen physical healings at the Center for Prayer. Now he stepped forward quietly, knelt down, asked where it hurt and tried to touch her hip and lift her leg gently but she could barely stand any movement. So he started talking to her softly–I knelt down next to him to hear what he was saying–getting her to repeat, “God is good–all the time” and other positive affirmations, focusing her attention off the pain. He kept one hand on her hip or leg as he talked to her, telling the pain and fear, in the same quiet voice, to leave.

Meanwhile, the woman was also panicking because she said she couldn’t breathe. (I found later she was asthmatic.) I was sensing there had been physical and demonic abuse in the area of the mouth and throat–when I asked her, she confirmed it– and I began addressing that. Someone else was sensing there had been abuse in another part of her body and was praying for healing of the effects of that. So we had people doing emotional healing at one end, spiritual healing at the other and physical healing in the middle!

Every four or five minutes the doctor would test the leg or hip again and each time she would seem calmer and say it felt a little better. At the end of 20-30 minutes, he helped her to her feet and had her stand! She was beaming! She said the pain was almost gone and she walked back to her seat!

We jumped and cheered and gave God all the glory! Energized, we went on with worship, singing, clapping, and dancing. When we left that evening, I went to hug her and she made a point of thanking me for my prayers, saying she had been able to breathe again because of them. (After most of us left, some people stayed to pray for more physical healing for the same woman because one of her legs was shorter than the other–and God healed that, too!) The next morning she said she was just a little sore!

Tuesday, May 26  I forgot one of the neatest things that happened after the intercessor was healed. (BTW, the doctor was also praying for and checking on the alignment of her spine.) She sat down for a while and then announced something like, “I just heard the Lord say, You have just seen a manifestation of My power but you will see greater things than these!

Also, to be strictly truthful, last we knew her short leg had lengthened one inch and still had half an inch to go.


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