My favorite healings are deliverances–from emotional and/or demonic baggage. I have been involved in so many deliverances, as a spectator, as an intercessor, and as a recipient, I haven’t any doubt that God can heal these things–and will. Some people who have seen God heal cancer have exceptional faith to pray for people with cancer. I have accumulated a lot of faith to pray for people in psychological distress.

In the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small, there is a veterinarian named Granville Bennett who gets increasingly enthusiastic the more serious the challenge to his surgical skills: “Lacerations? Good! Multiple fractures? Great! Internal hemorrhaging? Excellent!”

I sometimes feel like that. “Depressed? Good! Suicidal? Great! Severely dissociated with personality splits caused by childhood trauma? Excellent!” Not because I have any skills myself but because I know the Great Physician does. I can’t wait to see Him use them to bring suffering people out of darkness and bondage into freedom and wholeness, enlarging His reputation.

After Bobbie’s healing (I wrote in my journal), I asked the doctor, “So the key [to physical healing] is not to lay hands on someone and just pray once but to keep praying then and there until the healing is accomplished?”

“Yes,” he said, smiling.

Well, duh! That’s exactly what I’ve learned to do with emotional healing–keep listening to the person, and listening to God, doing what He tells us to do or say until there is a breakthrough. Physical healing is no more difficult for Him than any other kind of healing.


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