Amelia Earhart: “What mystery? She died on Saipan!”

     Speaking of body searches, there is another one that has been going on since July 2, 1937–although it’s no mystery for those who give credence to eye-witness reports:
     Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan, according to Saipanese villagers and American military eyewitnesses, ended up in a Japanese jail in Saipan.
     A friend of mine lived on Saipan for 30 years. It was common knowledge that Earhart and Noonan were interred in the local Japanese jail and died and were buried on the island. Saipanese women who had been children at the time described having seen a thin, “sickly” white woman, always under guard, with short hair “like a man” and a burned arm and hand.  The white woman gave one of them a ring with a white stone in it. Locals can still lead visitors to the cells in which Earhart and Noonan were held and can point out the spot where they were buried (now destroyed and covered with cement).
     Several then-young Marines on Saipan give eye-witness accounts on links below: one of them, with a buddy, blew open a safe and found Earhart’s briefcase containing her passports and visas.
     Another saw a silver, single-wing, two-engine airplane matching the description of the Electra in a hangar in Saipan in 1944. His squad was ordered to destroy it. Fifty years later he told a skeptical listener, “It was the middle of the invasion battle, don’t you think I would remember a man-in-a-suit and his insistence that they burn the hanger and a perfectly good airplane, and never tell anyone what we saw?”
     A third decoded the incoming message that Amelia Earhart’s plane would be destroyed the next afternoon. He and a buddy hid and watched a jeep tow the plane out onto the airfield. Marines climbed onto the plane and poured 3 or4 five-gallon cans of gasoline all over it. Then a P-38 flew over it and fired tracers at it from behind, causing “humongous fire and smoke.”
     Neither the American nor Japanese military have ever admitted any of this but these facts are well-known on the island. Looks like Earhart may have agreed to do a little spying for the U.S. before World War 2 and that the government covered it up.
     My friend sent me the following letter:
     This first link is an article that was written by a guy that lived on Saipan for 13 years. Many of us that lived on Saipan had the opportunity to talk to WW2 Vets. It was not unusual for them to come back to the islands for a visit. I met several of them. They would always tell you their war stories. In the article below the author retells things that were told to him by some WW2 vets.
     The next article is from the Saipan online edition of the Marianas Variety newspaper.
     This next link takes you to a Youtube interview of three vets that were on Saipan during the war. 
     The next quote I took from this site:  2018: THIS SITE NOW REQUIRES LOG-IN AND PASSWORD WHICH I DON’T HAVE This fellow (Hockeynut, 10-22-09) was on Saipan and married a local woman–he got information from his mother-in-law.
     This is a link to an article from the other local Saipan newspaper, The Saipan Tribune. This article talks about the local Chamorro women that saw Amelia when they were young–during the war.
     And one more link from the CNMI Guide that talks about the story and the women that saw her when they were young…
     AND…here is a YouTube of the old Japanese jail in Saipan- I’ve been there many times myself. The roosters crowing make me homesick for Saipan….lol

     For all the 30 years I lived on Saipan I always thought that Amelia died in Saipan because of what the old folks would say. My former mother-in-law (now deceased) also talked about this. I never thought anything different. I was really surprised to read that there is this big mystery about her death! I thought…what mystery? They know where she died…on Saipan!

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  1. Interesting. I’ve never studied her. Maybe I should read further, but then, why? You have done the research for me!


  2. Jessica says:

    I can’t take the credit. My friend did the research for all of us! ;o)


  3. Doug says:

    Jessica – *GREAT article and SO MANY THANKS to *Mike Campbell and his NEW BOOK – Amelia Earhart – *The Truth at Last – (I MUST READ) has shed more light on our government’s cover -ups and lies of Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan’s fate on Saipan.


  4. Jessica says:

    From Mike Campbell, author of the book mentioned in the comment above:

    Dear Jessica,
    I just stumbled upon your blog entry, “Amelia Earhart: ‘What mystery? She died on Saipan!’” and see you cited one of my several letters to the Marianas Variety newspaper about AE dying on Saipan. Apparently you’re not aware of my new book, which was published June 21 of this year by Sunbury Press. I’ve been focused on the Earhart disappearance for 24 years now, and Truth at Last is my second book. Please see the link below for much more information.

    If you’re interested and will pledge at least a brief review of Truth at Last, I’ll send you a PDF copy. It’s exactly the same as the book, without the cover, which is below. Please let me know what you think, as we need help getting out the word. The establishment media is dead set against this book’s message, basically the same message your headline your story with. This is why all we get is Ric Gillespie and TIGHAR, Saipan is verboton in the big media, and has been for many decades.


    Mike Campbell
    Knoxville, Tenn.
    Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last


  5. Dear Jessica:
    Thank you for having the courage to let the “truth” be known, and for sharing it with others. I will be going with Mike to a Tennessee Veterans Convention at the end of January in Knoxville, where we will meeting with and talking with some of Tennessee’s heroes. You take care, have a nice holiday, and stay healthy. Amelia came down in the Marshalls, and did die on Saipan.
    Frank Benjamin


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  7. WILSON says:

    You write a Blog. I presume you are an educated individual, I must assume the same about your friend from Saipan. And yet he/she never thought to seriously research Amelia Earhart ( “the friend who lived on Saipan” ) while all of the first person living witnesses were still alive? It’s a shame your friend had no sense of History and the significance of Earhart’s disappearance. What a missed opportunity ! The person who can find indisputable evidence of her presence on Saipan will go down in the history books for all time. It will a powerful moment with the closure of this aviation mystery.
    And remember, it is only “The Truth”, when evidence of her imprisonment and death on Saipan is accepted as factual and beyond question.


  8. Mr. Wilson,

    My friend does see it as a missed opportunity now but as a child the reports were so prevalent and unquestioned, she had no way of knowing they were controversial. It didn’t occur to her that these eye-witnesses should be doubted or cross-examined or that they wouldn’t always be there. As for indisputable evidence, Mike Campbell provides that, as described in my other posts on Amelia, particularly and

    Truth is truth whether it is accepted “as factual and beyond question” universally or not. Cases in point: the existence of God; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    May you find the Truth you seek,


  9. Pat Zalewski says:

    Hi Mike

    I think it has got to the point that with the preponderance of evidence from eye witness reports from Saipan locals and US marines who found her papers and photo albums and US code orders to destroy AE’s plane that there is enough evidence available.

    Saipan is now exhausted as we have enough. There is a need a two prong attack for a good Japanese researcher to go over Japanese war records and witness interviews. Even Macarthur’s letter stating what some to Japanese could know is also telling. With a thorough investigation from the Japanese side were treading water. The second prong is the US side with a good look at U S marine documents from 1944 and Japanese code intercepts re Saipan when AE vanished – if they exist. A daunting task.

    If a civilian in a suit ended up on a Saipan airstrip in the middle of a battle he must have left a footprint. he also must have been there especially for that purpose to get there so quickly. Not small tasks and specialists are needed for each and they cost.

    You definitely need some political clout on this one to get traction.

    All the best



  10. LA Man PP says:

    I know I should have my head examined trying to mention facts and logic to those that believe a fairy story serving the factory farming of humans…but in case any care to think about it, there’s plenty of reason to say that how she disappeared is still not definitively known.

    1). There were people in contact with her until just before whatever happened happened. There were images of her taking off from Lae Island when she refueled. That’s 1000 miles EAST of Saipan. We’re not even talking Howland Island where contact was made with the Itasca. She STARTED that leg of the journey 1000 miles east of Saipan, flying east. She couldn’t have even physically gotten back there. Saying “Oh, everyone knew she was in Saipan” is actually identical in terms of distance and word of mouth logic to saying, “Oh, there are lots of people in Beijing that saw the Malaysian Air flight land there! What’s the mystery?” Same problem, it’s waaay the wrong way and…uh…no plane?

    2). The US recovered all the Japanese war time classified files in Tokyo which were not edited; they contain full details (incriminating in the extreme) of the Rape of Nanking and of torture and executions. Her friend Jackie Cochran had full access to them in the 1950s and found no evidence that Noonan and Earhart were ever in Japanese custody.

    3). What intel could she have provided??? The US knew it was considered part of the Japanese home defense perimeter and important, so what would Earhart have even have seen of value?

    4). Lots of places have locals that “know the story” particularly where history is involved. I can show you people from the 1930s in Chicago that “knew the real Al Capone” and will swear what a great guy he was. Visit Roswell sometime. Those locals “know” lots no one else does too…

    5). In the 1990s a very good research team looked into the Saipan hypothesis. They found what you relate, but could never find one hard piece of evidence. No surviving military that said they saw her plane, no evidence at all.

    6). Gardner Island near Howland is uninhabited, yet the search team found signs of recent habitation there during their search. If she didn’t crash into the sea (images and interview and documents show that her refueling stop at Lae didn’t top off the tanks) it’s most likely she ended up on Gardner.


  11. Pat Paolucci says:

    And the winner is…Gardner Island!

    This article is precious. xtians are incredible with their “inside knowledge” and “doesn’t everyone just know that” (yeah, it’s a contradiction- the operative word was ‘xtian’) logic. Everyone on Saipan just knew? They were wrong. Just like the existence of your imaginary friend. They just knew about Him too, no?


  12. Ms. Hayes says:

    My 4th grade class came upon your blog. Their question is: “Has anyone petitioned the Saipan or US Government to excavate the concrete and exhume the bones, or at the very least, some of the soil from where the presumed bones were located in order to perform conclusive DNA testing?”


  13. Tom Rombouts says:

    Kind of obvious, but the news today (July 5, 2017) of a newly discovered photo very possibly showing Earhart and Noonan, and maybe their plane behind a boat in the background, on Jaluit Atoll in the Marshall Islands seems to be the best evidence in years supporting the Saipan theory.


  14. Carlos Sanchez says:

    Amelia did a little spying? Are you kidding? What sort of intel could a non spy obtain over areas that were off limits to all US assets, that our military could not? Do you actually believe Earhart & Noonan were spies? I do believe they died at the hands of the Japs and our govt. covered it up, just like they do UFOs, Roswell, 9-11, JFK, etc.


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