For the 16 of you out there who receive these posts by email: Publishing online gives authors the opportunity to keep editing indefinitely. I’m one of those who takes advantage of that.

I have the habit of coming back to my children and rubbing off a grubby spot here (my mother used to do it with her own spit), tuck in a shirt or tie a shoe there–or occasionally trash and re-do the whole outfit. Since I think you get the kid as first posted, it may include anything from typos to heresy which I have already reworded or deleted by the time you comment.

One post (I think it was “IReconcilable Differences,” August 30) started out as a single sentence. That may be how it reached you. Almost immmediately I reworked it, adding a whole page of stuff. I’m not sure you knew that.

I’m not sure you care, either, but I thought I’d mention it.

I tried to pull one whole post that I thought might attract perverts (I’m not sure I was successful; it’s in drafts but I still see it on the site) and I lay awake after this series on anti-Semitism realizing I have probably made myself vulnerable to neo-Nazi types Googling “anti-Semitism.”

Just for the record, I am not actively seeking persecution.


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One Response to Caveat

  1. I thought you wanted this blog to be relatively light and airy and controversy-free. I guess the important word there was “relatively.” (wink)

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