Redeeming illegal immigration

I don’t like having people–who have the right to come to the door and knock and ask civilly–climb through our window.

I don’t like the fact that our government baits these people. We tell them “You can’t come in through the window. NO! STOP! Don’t even try. We will arrest and deport you!!! On the other hand, if you make it through, we’ll reward you with food, housing, medical care and free education.”

I hate the fact that these people gamble on their chances to win our hospitality with their lives. What kind of insane Game Show is this?

I hate the message this gives, that we are a nation of laws we don’t enforce, laws that are a farce, laws they can shrug off.

Since I don’t like not liking people and since I can’t do anything about our country’s policies, I decided to redeem this injustice to us and to them. I decided to give them a reward bigger than all the rest.

The good news of Jesus Christ.

My life was changed by this good news distilled in a booklet called “The Four Spiritual Laws.” Jerry and I buy 500 bilingual copies of this booklet at a time from

We carry a bunch of them with us. When we go on walks in the cool of the morning or evening, we pass them out to gardeners and carpenters, with “Dios te bendiga” if appropriate. We give them to employees at restaurants, in motels, and on cruises. Sometimes we even give them to gringos.

And we remind God that He has promised His word will not fail to produce fruit.


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