Intelligent Design: The water window

That’s what my brother Tim calls it. He isn’t a scientist, just a bright layman interested in science. He is especially interested in scientific anomalies and the water window is one of them. It is such a striking exception to normal laws of science that it convinced him, a skeptic, of the fact of intelligent design.

Yet he can’t seem to find any scientists or other bright laymen who see its significance. He’s excited about it and he very much wants to find someone out there to be excited with him.

He has explained the anomaly to me and it’s so simple even I get the general idea.

If the rules of chemistry were predictable (consistent), water on this planet would boil at -132 degrees and freeze at -148 degrees. There would be no liquid water on earth, just steam. Carbon-based life forms like us would not be possible.

The attached page from a science textbook (Life Science Library: Water (1966), by Luna B. Leopold and Kenneth S. Davis) points out that the temperatures at which water actually boils and freezes on earth are “out of the ordinary,” that they “do not fit the pattern set by similar compounds,” that they are “curiously out of step with chemical theory.” Of four similar compounds, “water, with the lowest of the four molecular weights, belongs at the bottom. Instead it is the highest of all.” It adds, “Happily for life on this planet water is the maverick in the group.”

Why? Why would there be an exception, which, with significant other exceptions, amount to a fine-tuning of our world, making our existence not only possible but comfortable? Providing not only potable water but forms of water that allow for iced drinks and cups of hot tea?

The “water window” is just one more example of the way in which our planet is “privileged” beyond the possibility of coincidence. Doesn’t it seem as if Someone prepared for our coming? One might say we are not only privileged but positively spoiled.

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3 Responses to Intelligent Design: The water window

  1. You know, I’d rather believe in God than the improbability of learned evolutionists! I think (IMO) that it takes MORE faith to believe the scheme of evolution than it does Creation. Just my humble opinion, and of course, the Truth of Someone according to God’s Word.

  2. Jessica says:

    >I think (IMO) that it takes MORE faith to believe the scheme of evolution than it does Creation.< I agree!

  3. Jessica says:

    Checked with my brother to see if I presented his view accurately. His response (with permission to post it):

    “Yes, you have it. Actually, the model can bear more weight: without hydrogen bonding, water would freeze from the top down and so never unfreeze, capillary action in plants wouldn’t work, tRNA couldn’t get an impression of the DNA code because the DNA couldn’t come apart and then come back together (one author described the strength of the bond as when you see a bit of fluff on your sweater and set it free and if floats lazily back) There are many many functions of hydrogen bonding, a thesis candidate could list them, I’m not sure such a list exists.

    “The point is, it seems that after the consolidation of the Mendelyeyev Table, hydrogen was (elaborately redesigned) to make it suitable for life and a world suitable for it to live in…”

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