Election 2012: The Harbinger

“Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7

If you read only one thing between now and the election, let it be The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. Reads fast, like a story, like an unfolding mystery. But it’s all true.

No, the United States is not in the Bible–not directly–but it is by application. This book reveals how and why. Why God removed His hand of protection and allowed 9/11, the warnings we ignored, the vows our leaders bound us to, the resulting judgments being exacted upon us. It’s encapsulated in the inocuous-seeming verse Isaiah 9:10.

The less you know about the book, the more impact it will have as the author builds his case and you realize the parallels, one after another, between Israel, allowed to suffer Assyrian invasion and brutalities for their idolatry, and 21st century America. You will end up awed by God’s sovereignty and the meticulous accuracy of His Word. (Jerry and I were so dumb-founded by this book, we bought two extra copies as loaners.)

God says He does not do anything without showing His prophets ahead of time. I’m convinced He is showing us what He is about to do. I believe Jonathan Cahn’s source must be one of those prophets.


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5 Responses to Election 2012: The Harbinger

  1. Except there are no prophets now, as they are all dead. And, the Word of God is complete and final, so no new “prophets” are needed or necessary. Cahn may think he’s a prophet, but that’s mostly to sell books, I’d guess.

  2. If it has a kindle edition, I’ll check. I just finished, “In an Instant” via audio books. Would rather read a fiction next, but I’ll give this a try. Amazon, here I come. . . Thanks for the tip. Have you read “Jerusalem Countdown”?

  3. Jessica says:

    It is on Kindle–and it’s listed under fiction.

    Jerusalem Countdown? We’ve read so many things lately about Jerusalem, Apocalypse, Armageddon. . . Let’s see, we watched a documentary by that name.

  4. Susan David says:

    Richard, read the entire Bible please. Acts 2:17-20, most of which has already come to pass. We are in the last days, you must discern this. There would be no reason for God to cut off the words of present day prophets. Yes, His word is complete, but God still speaks to his people today, He says ‘I do nothing unless I first tell my prophets.’ Why would God tells us that in the last days he will pour out his Spirit and that His sons and daughters shall prophesy if they would not? Is God a liar or do you need to ask Him for word of knowledge, word of wisdom or just plain discernment? Please get the blinders off your eyes by really getting into His word, ask God to show you the truth, don’t be afraid of the full truth or of being used by His Spirit in these last days.

  5. Susan David says:

    Hi, just read about your conversation with Jessica on a good read. I,too love to read and just finished a kindle edition entitled, Invisible Powers – Loose Yourself and Run by Jaden Mars. I wish everyone would get a copy, wow. I noticed you wanted to read a fiction book next, but this book reads like a fiction, a very fast read with many aha moments as well as “You just said that?” You know, things you wished other authors would share and don’t. Anyway, just a thought, glad to contact other readers, thanks for the tip on Jerusalem Countdown, I’ll check that out.

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