Dueling perspectives

Two little avocado trees: The firstborn, “Adrian,” growing in the front yard (north). The more recently planted one–which we now call “Dave-ocado” after our friend who raised him in a pot–on the east side (where hopefully he will grow to fill my view from the kitchen sink, blotting out the parking lot of the M*sonic lodge across the street).

Will they grow to adulthood and provide us with beauty, shade, oxygen, and fruit? Not if the monster shown above has anything to do with it.

Dave warned us grasshoppers were responsible for the ragged edges of our leaves but I laughed him off. Grasshoppers! I’ve never seen a grasshopper in Long Beach.

But as Jerry and I left for our peregrinations around the neighborhood the other morning, I detoured past Adrian to check on him and was appalled to see a big ol’ ugly grasshopper perched on his topmost leaf, about to start breakfast. I think I saw a bib around his neck before I dispatched him.

The nerve!

Now for a balancing perspective just received from our friend Charles Brown:

message from a mantis

there was a mantis

at my door

the praying kind

on the welcome floor

it looked up from

its doorframe place

seeming to gaze

right into my face

long, skinny

vegetable green

magnificent creature

to be seen

bending low

i took a closer look

then with one blow

smashed it with a book

(just kidding)

tiny beast taking a

walk in the park

where did it ride

in Noah’s grand ark

said the bug

as he looked directly at me

pray every day—

there’s more of God to see

© 2012 Charles R. Brown


On the sixth day, the day when God created man,

he also created “all the creatures that move along

the ground,” including the praying visitor at my door.


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One Response to Dueling perspectives

  1. Your avacado tree stories are delightful and just the kind of thing I appreciate: “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God [in everything]. On another note, because you have included the blogs you follow, I noticed on your righthand bar Joel C. Rosenberg. So, having little else to di this afternoon, clicked on his blog, and as a result listened to the six-section testimony on YouTube. Thank you for posting his blog. I just have never looked very far as to getting my side bar interesting. This next two weeks I will not be tutoring (fall break–my students are in the balanced school year) so maybe I need to take some time to do that. I’d have YOUR link on it. 🙂

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