“Some sort of allegory, I guess” from my brother

This evening, I saw a bug in the cats’ water dish along my bedroom wall.
Being in a gentle mood, I scooped it up and placed it nearby.
An hour later I noticed that it had revived and climbed several feet straight up the wall.
An hour later, it was much higher up the wall.
Later still, just now, it wasn’t on the wall any more.  I found it back in the water dish.
Life can be like that sometimes.
Back to me (Jessica): Reminds me of an incident my sister-in-law reported years ago. She was at the beach and saw a very black beetle crawling across the very white sand. As she watched, it tipped over the uneven dunes and lay on its back for some time, struggling ineffectively to roll over. Feeling like God in a generous mood, Linda got up, went over and tipped the bug upright. It resumed its laborious crawl across the sand–gratefully, she thought.
Just then an observant sea gull swooped down and carried it off.

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3 Responses to “Some sort of allegory, I guess” from my brother

  1. Disappoints are sure to come. Poor little bugs. In human lives, however, we never see the finished product. Or, on another note: Benevolence is always worth while, even if the one we helped fails again, it helped US to help! And now I have two more blogs to read and I’ll start my week caught up!

  2. Jessica says:

    From a family member to my email:

    Life certainly can be that way! How lovely that sometimes there is Ted to gently scoop us out of the water dish, even if it only buys us a couple more precious hours on the wall.


  3. Jessica says:

    From a family member to my email:

    I’m wondering if I’m in the dish or on the wall.

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