How to Pray for Lost Loved Ones

Praying with faith and praying according to the will of God are two of the conditions for answered prayer. In How to Pray for Lost Loved Ones, Dutch Sheets shares Biblical promises which will strengthen our faith and our confidence that saving our non-Christian loved ones is God’s will.

For instance, Pastor Sheets lists Ten Signposts Toward God’s Saving Grace. Here are the verses he cites and develops:

1. God Wants All to Be Saved (2 Peter 3:9 KJV)

2. God is Able to Save (Isaiah 59:1)

3. Salvation is His to Give (Psalm 3:8)

4. His Very Name is Savior (Matthew 1:21)

5. God’s Passion to Save (John 4:32)

6. He Was Willing to Become Human to Save Us (I Timothy 2:5)

7. He Was Willing to Die to Save Us (Matthew 26:53)

8. God Desires to Show Mercy (Genesis 18:32)

9. Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost (Luke 19:10)

10. Salvation Is the Theme of the Bible (Genesis to Revelation)


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2 Responses to How to Pray for Lost Loved Ones

  1. Gotta love that name – Dutch Sheets!

  2. Diane Lowell says:

    Thank you, Jessica, for the verses. Richard, sometimes people just see a name as a name, others seem to catch on right away when the name has an odd “meaning.” I had a friend named Rusty Wall. I never envisioned a “rusty wall” (you know, oxidized iron) until years after first meeting her.

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