Before November 6–one more thing

One more suggestion before November 6: you know those flyers you’re being inundated with?

Toss all the ones which are paid for by the candidates themselves.

Toss all the ones paid for by any groups called “Friends of–” or “Supporters for–” a candidate. (The “group” may consist of one person.)

Toss any flyers from a candidate mailing out more than two of them. If s/he wins, the candidate will carry that zeal for excessive spending into office–spending your money.

Most of the ones from a political party are superfluous; the candidate’s party will be on the ballot. Toss them.

Remember, any flyers claiming to represent unions–all firefighters, all police officers, etc.–usually don’t. Note their claims but don’t take them too seriously.

Note whether any individuals or groups you respect endorse the candidates or propositions on the flyers that are left. Take their reasons into consideration when you go to the polls.


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3 Responses to Before November 6–one more thing

  1. Good ideas. Insstead of the flyers, I tend to read the local newspaper on the local candidates. The school board election is SO important, yet folks hardly ever consider the school board. Same with judges. Most local newspapers give pros and cons on each candidate. If you are reading this, you are “on line” and can also find voter guieds that are unbiased. Be careful about the voter guides on election day. Some poll workers will not allow you to take in a long, preprinted list. You can take into the booth a short, handwritten list.

  2. The problem with reading the newspapers is that most of them are liberal. For instance, I’m voting in favor of Proposition 32 because the Los Angeles Times and the big unions are against it. Reason enough!

  3. You missed the word, “local” newspapers. That way I get information on LOCAL candidates. Even big cites have local neighborhood papers that are fairly reliable. When I lived in Minneapolis, I worked for a neighborhood newspaper. It came out once a week. That’s the kind to which I was referring. I understand why you might want to avoid the LA Times.

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