Prayer, Fasting–and A Tauck Grand Autumn New England Tour

Jerry and I just got home from a magnificent 11-day bus tour of New England’s fall foliage, our first trip (of many, we hope) with Tauck.

It can be done. It can be done and thoroughly enjoyed. But I have to say that touring New England’s finest hotels and restaurants during a 40-day commitment to prayer and fasting for our nation–with a company whose unofficial slogan is “God forbid you should feel a hunger pang!”–is daunting. Especially when you’ve already paid for the food.

I tried to limit myself to two meals a day and no desserts. But I found I had to clarify my self-imposed terms. By “dessert” had I meant to abstain only from sweet things offered after every lunch and dinner (the arrays of maple confections, chocolate offerings, creme brulees, tortes, strudels, ice creams, sorbets, and pastries)? How about pastries, muffins, Danish, pancakes, and waffles at the breakfast buffets?

How about the “obligatory” free sample at the Ben and Jerry’s factory, which was an integral part of our tour? (It was Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack, if you are curious, consisting of French vanilla ice cream, caramel, and chocolate-covered potato chips.)

And the chocolate-chip cookies with which the Mirror Lake Inn welcomed us to our room (and which were always piled temptingly on a plate at the intersection of the front desk, the nooks-with-fireplaces in the lobby and their two restaurants)?

All I can say is, thank God for grace. I did the best I could, reminding myself He knows my heart.

The upside was, I didn’t gain a single pound.


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