Serpentine belts and Providence

Day before yesterday, Jerry and I were driving home on the 710 from an appointment in Pasadena. The temperature was in the 80s and we both noticed at the same time that the air-conditioning was not cooling the air.

The Lexus agency was on our way home so we swung by to have Jamie in service check it out. Jamie lifted the hood and said, “Here’s the problem.” He held up shreds of rubber. “Your belt is gone.”

Wow. He didn’t even have to follow that up with, “Your car could have stopped on the freeway.” We knew God had been with us.

“Didn’t a warning light come on?” Jamie asked. No, Jerry reminded him, at our last major maintenance (we have 133,500 miles on the car) we had opted not to have the burned-out middle light (of three lights) behind the dash replaced because getting to it was going to cost a lot of money.

Jamie signed us up for a loaner and scheduled our car for surgery. He said at the very least he’d have to replace the belt and charge the battery, which would take 24 hours.

Yesterday he called us. “I’ll have to keep it longer,” he said. “The other belt is bad, too.”

Two belts? I don’t know much about what’s under the hood of a Lexus, but I think two belts pretty much enable everything in the engine to function.* I can imagine what might have happened if our car had stopped, with no warning, on the freeway.

We are very, very grateful. It could have been us who needed blood.

*Yes, Jamie says they are both serpentine belts, that is, they snake around and hold everything together.


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2 Responses to Serpentine belts and Providence

  1. Cars are a necessity and nuisance. This past month my transmission went out but at least it was on a side street and a church parking lot was handy to limp into. It was a sensor TO the transmission, so not a big deal, yet, a nuisance. When we say with the Psalmist, “my times, O Lord, are in thine hand,” we do mean it, don’t we!

  2. Jessica says:

    Yes, our times and our timing belts!

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