Can’t even pray

I can’t read, I can’t write, I can’t concentrate. I meant to scrub the bathrooms today and there are cobwebs in the corners of the ceilings but I can’t focus on doing anything. I posted another video about the election on this blog–and then removed it. I am so concerned about our nation but my immediate concern is for those in the path of the storm back east. I keep checking the internet for news. I want to pray but I can’t even do that. I just pace. It’s like when a friend is in surgery or like waiting for results of an important test.

Lord, please hear the silent cries of our heart.


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One Response to Can’t even pray

  1. Rose Chimera says:

    I think its ok if you “can’t even pray”. God knows what’s in your heart…the hearts of all of us worrying and watching the news, unable to help those in the line of Sandy’s fury. God gave us the Holy Spirit for just these occassions…when we cannot pray the Holy Spirit prays for us. I too am highly concerned about our nation but that concern can certainly wait. I’m worrying about the homeless people–those stuck in cardboard boxes, in doorways, under bridges, out in the open–what Oh God will happen to those poor souls? They have no where to go. A shelter? How do they get there? Walk? In those winds?! Its something we are all focused on. You are not alone in your worry, your pacing, your vigilence on news.

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