Comforting news for families at Sandy Hook



1. God is love.

2. God is just.

3. “It is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish.” Matthew 18:14

4. Jesus Christ said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.” John 11:25

4. When we die we are immediately in God’s presence– (See #1 and 2)

–Maybe even before we actually die. Many of those who have been catapulted into heaven temporarily during surgery or by some catastrophe report feeling no trauma at all.

–They found themselves in a place of perfect peace, love, joy, light, and beauty without knowing they were dead. One little boy who drowned just said the angels came and got him. He remembered it as a happy experience.

–It is such a wonderful place they are reluctant to come back.

These books have been comforting to me lately:

Todd Burpo, Heaven is For Real

Garlow and Wall, Heaven and the Afterlife and Encountering Heaven and the Afterlife:

Don Piper, 90 Minutes in Heaven and Heaven is Real:

See also Lee’s Heaven on this blog:


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4 Responses to Comforting news for families at Sandy Hook

  1. I’m thinking you might want to re-title this.

  2. Jessica says:

    I struggled with the title, changed it two or three times. What do you suggest? I inagine the only comfort for those who have lost little ones–if there can be any–is that they went immediately and probably painlessly into the arms of their loving Father.

  3. Early on, i don’t think there can be comfort, even from God. Maybe for some exceptional people.

    Most people, i think, would find it offensive to think of a comfort during this time, or being told that there is “good news” in all of this.

    I guess, having recently gone thru something difficult (tho not at all or in any way on the scale of this tragedy; actually not even to be thought of in this kind of context), i found that people who wanted to “comfort” me were generally unable to hear me at all. They wanted to tell me things – how it would all work out, or that it was God’s plan or God’s will or whatever. (First off, i don’t believe that way.) Each person doing this was unable to listen to my pain. In rushing to comfort without being able to be present, they were essentially telling me that i wasn’t really very important and that my pain wasn’t worth the trouble.

    I’m not trying to attack you. I think many people in the midst of this tragedy would have a hard time getting past the title. I think i would say something like, “Truths to Hold on to” or “Thoughts and Prayers for” – i’m not sure. I can tell you, also, most people are really, really struggling with 1. God is love. and 2. God is just. right now.

  4. Jessica says:

    I know that for a long time none of this will register, none of it will be helpful, it will be shrugged off as annoying at best and flung off as infuriating at worst. But it (this post and the next two) give stabilizing truth–at least the possibility of stability and truth–that I think I would subconsciously cling to if I were ever dropped in such a cauldron of pain: hope on the basis of the experience of others that I WILL survive even this, that down the road I, too, might feel flickers of hope, there might be something bigger than my loss that will bring sense and fulfillment out of it all, might bring me (through my bone-wracking anguish) to the One who knows what it is like to lose a son and does not offer answers when what I really need is embracing love.

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