“Nice vegetative growth”

100_6087For back story, see Bougainvillea

Okay, now what have we done wrong? The Bougainvillea is growing like Jack’s beanstalk. Some branches are so thick and hearty we could climb them to our balcony. Look at this one growing up behind the trellis:

In fact two branches shot above the trellis and we tied them to the balcony posts. But the gardeners, not realizing they were there on purpose, pruned them.

But my point is, despite the healthiness of the plant, all the flowers (technically “bracts”) fell off shortly after we planted it and no new ones have appeared. Not one. Not a nada.

Our horticultural friends assure us it will bloom in the spring. What, 80 degrees isn’t spring?

I just checked the internet and found out “Bougies” like full sun. We’ve got ours against a western wall of our two-story house, just 15 feet from our neighbor’s two-story house. It is supposed to like at least five hours’ full sun a day. Full sun? Even on days when there is full sun, I doubt if it gets more than a couple–and it’s mostly overcast this time of year. “In shade or partial shade,” one site says, “you will have nice vegetative growth but little or no bloom.”

Nice vegetative growth, that’s what we have. We’ll see if we get bracts in the spring–if our Bougie knows what bracts are and recognizes spring when it comes.

Update: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. Look what happened when one branch made it onto the balcony and into the sunshine!

Baby Bract

Baby Bract


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One Response to “Nice vegetative growth”

  1. Diane Lowell says:

    One of ours goes into dormancy in the winter, All the leaves fall off. It doesn’t come back until the longer photoperiod days. The other just has leaves, no flowers. Yours looks very healthy.

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