Master Tailor

Letter from Annette, a friend of ours who lives in Southern California, to her pastor father in Idaho, written in the middle of the night:

I wish you were awake so that I could share some beautiful things with you, Dad.

Today I began reading Jan 1 in my One Year Bible. At first I struggled to stay focused on my Genesis reading but then I prayed for God to open it up for me. I continued struggling to get much out of it. Then all of a sudden the Script exploded to me. There is so much here I had not caught or perceived before.
AND, reading Matthew along with Genesis is awesome! I’ve been listening to Matt on CD in my car since last spring. Well I saw things in here tonight that I had not seen or understood before. And Psalm 1 & Proverbs 1 all together is amazing too. It’s all coming together & fitting together in such a perfect and beautiful way. It reminds me of Mom’s sewing projects.
In the beginning its a lot of messiness. And for some reason, tho it’s really none of my business, the messiness frustrates me. As I was saying, in the beginning the scene looks like this; pattern here, fabric over there, fabric & thread on the floor, scissors on the table, measuring tape over her shoulder, that raspberry-colored pencil in her mouth, and her glasses are “somewhere around here.” I’ve thought, and said, many times: “What’s going on in here?!!” It looks like such a mess.
But Mom knows exactly what she’s doing, she has a vision in her mind of what she is making. So Mom cuts and measures and sews and backs up & unravels stuff at times, whirr, whirr, whirring on the sewing machine-you know, sometimes thru the night because she’s so excited (or anxious) to get the thing completed.
And then the moment comes when she holds up something I understand, the very thing she saw all along that I could not see. It is exactly what she had in mind. It’s a dress, a skirt, or one of those adorable little outfits she used to make for “He-dow” or “Juthan”. All the pieces have come together to fit just as they should, just as she planned.
That is precisely what is happening for me. This truth I understood over here, with the lesson I learned over there, and that Script I heard preached or “testified” about more times than I can count are all being sewn & hemmed in together by the Master Tailor to make exactly what He’s had in mind from before the beginning. And is it ever beautiful!! Wowee. “I once was blind but now I see”. Woohoo!!!!
I love being in this adventure together with all of you. I started writing to Dad but wanted to share with all of you.
I love you and am SO happy to be family.
(I think I may finally fall asleep now.)


P.S. If you don’t have a One Year Bible yet, you can go to and find the reading program there. You’ll want the New Living Translation version for “new believers.”


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2 Responses to Master Tailor

  1. I have a KJV One Year Bible. However, I am using the reading guide supplied on Our Daily Bread this year. It links to Biblegateway and then I read and listen using the audio Bible, Dramatized, but in the KJV. It pushes me along and yet I can pause it and make notations as I wish. My macular degeneration makes me “creative” in how to get along. 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Jerry and I read through a different version each year. This year it’s the Amplified. We’re just doing the NT for now, one chapter a night, and I am re-enforcing what we are reading in English by listening to the same chapter (twice) on a CD in Spanish and following along in the La Biblia de Las Americas. Frankly, all I’m getting right now is correct pronunciation. But since I know the passages, I also have a general sense of what’s being read. (That’s how I passed my only year of Greek. Our text was the gospel of John and a bit of Romans, if I rememberly rightly and the words I didn’t know in the Greek I could guess because I knew the context!

    Is that cheating?)

    On Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 3:37 PM, hiddeninjesus

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