Update on proposal

Post [“What is a Poem, Anyway?”] temporarily removed while it is being considered for publication in a magazine. NOW POSTED BELOW.


“Hi Jessica, Thank you for thinking of Radix but your interesting reflections on poetry don’t meet any of our upcoming editorial needs. Warm Regards, Sharon.”

How great is email! I used to have to wait weeks or months for a rejection from an editor. This time it took less than 12 hours, which frees me to post it again immediately!

I know Sharon Gallagher wasn’t entirely blowing me off because she’s published two of my articles in previous issues: “C.S. Lewis: Sixty Years of Letters: A Thematic Overview” (Vol. 33, No. 4) and “Thoughts in the Night: A Prayer for Japan” (Vol. 35, No. 4).

Radix is a quarterly literary magazine “Where Christian Faith Meets Contemporary Culture.” A year’s subscription is $12.



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