Tim is not Ted and vice versa

Tim and Ted, some years ago.

Tim and Ted, some years ago.

TedJust for the record I have two brothers. You already know that Ted is not Moses* but he is not Tim, either.


Tim, the elder, is the published poet (nine books) and linguist (Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew). He was a legal word processor for Arco in L.A. for years and produced documents that were signed in the Hall of Heavenly Peace in Beijing. He is going on 16 years of sobriety and I’m very proud of him for that. Tim lives locally and we have him over for dinner and a movie every week.

Ted lives 2,000 miles away with a wife and his second family. His publications are primarily science fiction (as The Tides of God, his first novel) and poetry. He and I were geographically closer in my childhood. When our family moved to Japan I was seven. Tim peeled off and went back to the States for college. When Dad built a yacht, the Phoenix, Ted and I moved aboard with Dad (rechristened Skipper), Mum, three Japanese men and a varying number of cats. At 16, Ted navigated us around the world.

Tim missed all that. He moved to Long Beach a couple of decades ago and we have gotten to know each other as adults.

Tim with Einstein, 2011

Tim with Einstein, 2011

They are both brilliant; by comparison, I am a Bear of Comparatively Little Brain.


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One Response to Tim is not Ted and vice versa

  1. Ted Reynolds says:

    J, don’t downgrade yourself. You’re right up there with us in Brain and Publications, and way ahead in Soul.

    Love and Peace,
    Bro’ ted

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