Water on Mars

The Curiosity rover has found a dry river bed on Mars. There is also some ice at the poles and trace quantities of water vapor.

I don’t mean to belittle the significance of this discovery. It must be pretty exciting for scientists. But look at the contrast between water on Mars and water on earth.

On earth, “As a liquid, [water] accumulates on the earth’s surface in bodies varying in size from the great oceans to small lakes to tiny puddles. In motion it may swirl violently down a great cataract, or flow serenely as a mature river meandering across a plain. On the surface of large bodies of water, the wind pushes up waves both great and small. Tiny droplets of the substance form the matrix of the clouds. Slightly larger drops fall through the atmosphere from the clouds to the ground as rain. As a solid, it falls as snow blanketing the earth in white, it forms the great ice sheets of the polar regions and the valley glaciers in the mountains, and it forms the frosted pattern on a windowpane in winter. In the higher latitudes water forms the entire scenery of the earth, the ice caps at the fringes of the polar continents, the icebergs floating in the restless gray and ice-cold sea, the spray carried from wave tops by the wind and frozen instantly into tiny pellets of ice in the subzero temperature and splattered like shrapnel onto the nearby ice shelves. Even the sounds associated with water are no less diverse: there is the rhythmic pounding of the surf, the deafening roar of a great waterfall, the babbling of a mountain brook, the gentle patter of summer rain, the clatter of hail against an iron roof, the grinding booms and sharp reports of an advancing glacier, and the thunder of an avalanche. . .” Michael Denton, M.D., Ph.D. , Nature’s Destiny http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Destiny-Biology-Purpose-Universe/dp/0743237625

Why such a difference? Earth lies within the Goldilocks zone in relation to our sun (“not too hot, not too cold–just right”) and Mars doesn’t. Aren’t you glad God put us on earth instead of Mars?

Scenario 1:

Martian male to Martian female: It’s Friday night. Wanta go out?
MF: Where did you have in mind?
MM: I thought we could go look at the dry river bed.
MF: (rolls her eye and smacks him with a tentacle)

Scenario 2:

a) Earthman to Earth wife: Where would you like to go for vacation this year? An Atlantic beach? Pacific cliffs? An island in the Caribbean? The Great Lakes? Niagara Falls? A river cruise? An Alaskan glacier? A rain forest?

EW: Wow, honey, there are so many choices I can’t decide! They all sound wonderful!


b) Martian husband to Martian wife: Where would you like to go for vacation this year, honey? I’ve heard there may be ice down at the pole. And trace amounts of water vapor!

MW: Bor-ing. How about we go out and watch the Curiosity rover crawl over a bump?


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3 Responses to Water on Mars

  1. Ted Reynolds says:

    Funn-nny. I especially like your scenario. 2B.

  2. On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 12:30 PM, Jessica wrote Ted (by email):

    Changed “antenna” to “tentacle.”

    From Ted Reynolds
    to Jessica

    A small change for you, but a giant slither forward for alienkind.

  3. A slither forward in tool-using? (It’s hard to get any heft behind an antenna.)

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