The heart of Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama has known what it feels like to carry life in her womb–twice. Yet she defends a monstrous procedure called partial-birth abortion, in which a live, late-term baby is drawn from the womb feet first by forceps and stabbed in the neck with scissors to make a hole through which the brains can be suctioned out and the skull collapsed before final delivery (so that the baby will be dead before becoming a person whose “right to life” is protected under our Constitution).

This procedure is legal in many parts of this country up until the moment of natural birth.

Here is a fund-raising letter Mrs. Obama sent out on behalf of her husband’s campaign in 2004, calling partial-birth abortion a “legitimate medical procedure” and attempts to ban it a “cynical ploy. . . to intimidate. . . physicians.”


The Partial Birth Abortion Procedure

Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby’s leg with forceps.
The baby’s leg is pulled out into the birth canal.
The abortionist delivers the baby’s entire body, except for the head.
The abortionist jams scissors into the baby’s skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the hole…
The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child’s brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed.

Legitimate medical procedure?


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One Response to The heart of Michelle Obama

  1. All the talk the last two days has been about Mrs. Obama’s hair style, her clothese, and the press tries to make her benign. She is far from benign. Her influence is powerful. Yet she is protected. You know better and have displayed that truth today. Good for you. Very good. Now I need to go to my prayer system and add her name to my list. I realize that I have not had her name beside the President’s. It needs to be there. If nothing else, it fulfills the fact that God has told us to pray for those who despitefully use us and say all manner of evil against us because we stand for the Word of God.

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