Roe vs. Wade: 40 Years of Lies (Lie #3)

THIRD LIE: Not only were maternal death statistics falsified but the people lobbying for legalization may have been responsible for some of them. Many of the women who suffered and perhaps died at the hands of illegal abortionists were sent to them by the very people who insisted illegal abortions were dangerous.
The National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL)-West Coast vice president was a Long Beach (California) woman named Lana Clarke Phelan. Phelan helped direct women to abortionists in Mexico and was paid for each referral. “I only got $5 per woman,” she told a sympathetic audience at a National Women’s Political Caucus meeting in 1985.
Phelan wrote a book designed to teach women how to deceive doctors into performing abortions on them. In The Abortion Handbook, Phelan discussed how to bring on a seeming emergency so that a doctor would perform an abortion. She has chapter headings such as “Faking the Hemorrhage,” “Pain, and How to Register the Proper Amount,” and “Cultivate the Sick Look.”
In her detailed and graphic chapter on “Do-It-Yourself Abortion Methods,” Phelan has a disclaimer stating that she is not advocating them, merely “defining the dangers and problems.”
She does, however, advocate fooling a doctor into inserting a loop as a contraceptive device after conception, where it will bring about a miscarriage. She does advocate bringing a urine sample from someone who is not pregnant, so that the doctor will assume the fetus is already dead and will scrape it from the womb. She does advocate using a piece of liver to simulate human blood so that a doctor will think spontaneous abortion has already begun.


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