Silent No More

Actress Jennifer O'Neill also spoke of the lasting psychological aftereffects of her abortion.

Actress Jennifer O’Neill also spoke of the lasting psychological aftereffects of her abortion.

Silent No More is a fellowship of women who have suffered from abortions, sometimes decades ago.

They have suffered anything and everything from mortification at the procedure itself–which one described as “the worst form of sexual assault I could possibly imagine” and another said was “worse than rape”– to inner deadness and emptiness to deep suicidal depression, guilt, shame, inability to bond and maintain close relationships, self-hatred, self-punishment, addictive and abusive relational choices, sterility and other problems with subsequent pregnancies or promiscuity with multiple pregnancies and sometimes additional abortions.

Around the world, in Bible studies through Rachel’s Vineyard and within the friendship of other post-abortive women, these former victims learn to accept the forgiveness of God and the ability to forgive themselves. With the support of others, they ask God to let them sense their baby’s sex and they give him or her a name, lighting a candle and giving their child into the embrace of Jesus Christ.

Of the 15 women who shared their stories at the rally, here’s one who made a powerful point several other women brought up also:

“My name is Karen Williams from Phoenix, AZ. I was 21 years old when I made the worst decision of my life: to take the life of an innocent human being. I bought a product that a previous Supreme Court determined was a safe, effective and legal remedy to a crisis pregnancy. I now believe I was sold a bill of goods that ended the life of my unborn child, and that severely affected my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for almost 2 decades. . .

“I was in a desperate place and I did what many young, unsupported college women do when faced with a desperate situation– I purchased an irrational, illogical and fatal procedure called abortion. And my child paid for this with his life. When a surgical procedure ends the life of any other human being in any other situation, someone usually pays a hefty lawsuit, not to mention faces criminal charges. Will [Planned Parenthood] pay for my mental health counseling? Will PP pay for all the years that I lost with my child? Will PP restore the life of my family member? Has PP ever been held accountable for the fraudulent services they are selling to unsuspecting ‘customers’? Where is the class action lawsuit? Where is the Amicus brief? Where was the Supreme Court in protecting Michael’s rights?

“. . . It is a deadly procedure with lethal consequences. If it were really examined for what it is, there is no package large enough to contain the disclaimer. There is no law firm stable enough to defend its claims in court. There is no commercial spot long enough to adequately explain all of the risks involved. Abortion is not good for consumers. It is not good for men, women, families or any member of society. It must be recalled and banned. . .

“This is why I am Silent No More.”100_6145


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