Irreconcilable issues

Roman Catholic superstructure--with Scripture refuting Catholic doctrines.

Roman Catholic superstructure–with Scripture refuting Catholic doctrines.

My notes on this subject, developed sporadically over the nearly five decades since my conversion (from secular humanism), cover several areas of disagreement. I jokingly call them my “9.5 theses.”

1. Peter as the Foundation of the Church (Matthew 16:13-20). I discussed this in Between the Rock and a hard place. The Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church agrees with Scripture that Peter is not the Rock this passage is referring to nor is Peter the foundation of the church. Jesus Christ is. Yet the Catholic Church has used the apostolic succession from Peter to appropriate for itself (their Magesterium) the Holy Spirit’s ministry to teach believers the meaning of God’s written word.

2. Role of Pope

3. Limited Priesthood

–Priests called “Father”

–Priests required to remain celibate

4. Confession of sins

5. Definition of and Prayer to Saints

6. Indulgences

7. Mediation

8. Mary

9. “Insufficiency” of Christ’s finished work

Biblical progression on Becoming the Bride of Christ

Biblical progression on Becoming the Bride of Christ

I designed these diagrams contrasting Roman Catholic and Biblical steps to salvation while a student at Multnomah School of the Bible (now Multnomah University). If I were to illustrate the Roman Catholic superstructure today, Mary would wholly dominate the picture. This is a serious problem, Scripturally. God is a jealous God and will not share His glory with another.


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  1. Benny16 is resigning as of the end of this month. Let the squabbling and infighting begin (decorously behind the scenes, of course). It was said, almost immediately, that the Italians will be lobbying hard to get one of their own in the Popemobile again. They miss having the papacy all to themselves. Benny wrote that, at nearly 86, he just doesn’t have the stamina for the job anymore. Maybe the hierarchy will take the hint – does the job *always* have to go to some geezer? They could shock the world by giving the tall pointy hat to someone who’s only in his 50s – or even his 40s! Nah….

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