Irreconcilable Differences: Virgin Mary

Mary of Nazareth was a virgin when her son Jesus was conceived and born. That is clear in the Bible.

But it is also clear that she was not a perpetual virgin, not immaculately conceived, not sinless–nor did she need to be. (In fact, if she were sinless, she could have saved us and Jesus was superfluous.) She was not able to redeem or even help redeem us, not the mother of God, not the “power behind the throne” of God. Not, even by implication, deity. Not part of a “holy family” within the Trinity.

She was a fully human, humble, obedient handmaid of the Lord, blessed (makarios in the original Greek–happy, to be envied) by God’s choosing her to bear His son.

Six words in Scripture convince me these and other distinctly Roman Catholic positions on Mary are false and therefore heretical: Savior, until, firstborn, brothers, one, and rather.


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4 Responses to Irreconcilable Differences: Virgin Mary

  1. If she were sinless, she still could not have saved us, for she was not divine. Or, perhaps deity might be implied by sinlessness, in her case.

  2. Ever notice that the sacrifies ordered in Leviticus were MALE? Just saying. . .
    I am making my way through the Bible this year and am almost finished with Leviticus and can say, I don’t ever remember enjoying the book until this time!

  3. And, of course, all those sacrifices pointed forward to the one final sacrifice to come – that of the Messiah, Jesus Christ (also male). (I know you know this. I’m just sayin’.)

  4. By the way: in my 33 years as a Christian, you are the very first person, as far as I remember, who has said that she actually enjoys the Book of Leviticus. It’s sad that more Christians don’t read the Old Testament, as they should. They read a couple of favorite psalms, maybe, but that’s it.

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