Treading prayerfully

Dear Friends,

It has been on my heart for so long to develop each of the “words” of Scripture which clarify and set boundaries on who Mary is and isn’t. But in assembling the documentation for the first one, (there is so much documentation!), I hit what seemed like a dead end and have had to determine whether it was from God or from the enemy.

I started this series years ago with an attitude of proving Catholicism wrong. But the Lord has been humbling me. Now I want to know, make known, and personally conform to truth, whatever it is and from whatever source it comes, as long as it faithfully represents the whole Bible. However wrenching the adjustment must be.

I have invested immense time in research and prayer in the subject of the irreconcilable differences between Biblical and Roman Catholic Christians but I want to tread softly, listening to God’s still, small voice as I go to be sure I am not mishandling truth. I am walking a narrow line between my desire to find Biblical validation that the baton passed from Jesus to Peter has been passed to every pope since, that the historical catholic-in-the-sense-of-universal church is the true church–and my commitment not to compromise God’s Word, to be approved by Him as a work(wo)man who doesn’t need to be ashamed, accurately dividing the Word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).

The Holy Spirit is the interpreter of God’s Word. We can’t interpret it for ourselves (2 Peter 1:20-21) because it wasn’t written by men but was written through them by the Holy Spirit and thus must be explained by Him. The Spirit was given to us when we first believed, as a down-payment of our redemption (Ephesians 1:13-14). Whoever doesn’t have the Spirit of Christ doesn’t belong to him (Romans 8:9) And if we have the Spirit of Christ, He will guide us into all truth (John 16:13).

As for the Word itself, I believe it is essential to go back behind the Latin translation of the Bible to the original Greek and the documents that come as close as possible to the original text. (It is very exciting to me that the Dr. Daniel Wallace, Executive Director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM), who heads up teams of experts searching out and photographing New Testament manuscripts, believes it is possible to recover the original text of the New Testament! They are discovering and getting permission to examine earlier and earlier manuscripts in more and more remote and ancient monasteries around the world–and making the texts available on the web.)

Anyway, I was developing the first word, “Savior,” in a long post that had taken dozens of hours (ask my husband; he says I write 48 hours a day!) and was getting near to completion. I had been saving my changes frequently and had just done so before I visited another site. When I came back to my rough draft, it was a draft so rough–well, let’s just say it was close to my original manuscript! My immediate thought was, God must not be in this. He has killed it. Besides that, the possibility of reconstructing it seemed overwhelming.

God has done this before and has restored–resurrected–drafts and even completed manuscripts of books I had written, in His time and in such a way that He got the glory. So I hunted for my lost draft within the computer. But this time He didn’t. It wasn’t there. I put away the stack of books on my desk–the Bible, the Greek New Testament, Strong’s Concordance, The Catholic Catechism, Scott Hahn’s books and DVDs. (I used many other resources online.)

Now, days later, I am sensing (I could be wrong; I am leaving myself open to having that borne in on me) that He wants this post written after all and that He will direct the writing of it. There are apparently aspects of this issue which are Biblical and aspects of it which have been taken beyond Biblical bounds, which are accretions to His revelation and offensive to Him, offensive to the point of being blasphemous.

This morning I was reminded from Leviticus 10–I am reading through The One Year Bible for New Believers (NLT)–not to take lightly sacred things. So I will tread prayerfully as I work on “Savior” and either post it or, if I don’t have His peace about posting it, trash it.

Stay tuned.


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2 Responses to Treading prayerfully

  1. Peter was not the first pope. The RC church claims that the popes stretch back in an unbroken line to Peter. There is, of course, not a shred of historical or biblical information to prove this.

  2. I commend you on your Spirit-led approach. Thank you. Sensitivity to others is important; otherwise we come forth as self-important and high minded. I have to trash my little blog once in awhile because I want to help rather than hurt.

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