Fukushima meltdowns (March, 2011) contaminate nearly 70,000 Americans

“Who are the victims of Japan’s great 3.11 earthquake-tsunami-nuclear meltdown? Japan Focus has documented the heavy price paid by the more than 20,000 who died in the tsunami, the hundreds of thousands driven from their homes by the combination of tsunami and meltdown, and the nuclear workers who have fought to bring the radiation at the Tepco [Tokyo Electric Power Company] plants under control at risk of their lives. Roger Witherspoon extends this analysis to the US servicemen and women of Operation Tomodachi who were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation with little preparation or protection. This is the first of two major articles on their plight and their fight.

“. . . The strike group was detoured from its South Pacific duties and brought to Fukushima for Operation Tomodachi, using the Japanese word for ‘friend.’ It was an 80-day humanitarian aid and rescue mission in the wake of the earthquake and massive tsunami that decimated the northern coastline and killed more than 20,000 people and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

“The rescue operation was requested by the Japanese Government and coordinated by the US State Department, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Departments of Defense and Energy. In addition to the USS Ronald Reagan with its crew of 5,500, the Strike Group included four destroyers – The Preble, McCampbell, Curtis Wilbur, and McCain – the cruiser USS Chancellorsville, and several support ships.

“It was the participants in Operation Tomodachi – land based truck drivers and helicopter crews, and carrier based aircraft and landing craft – who were repeatedly trying to guess where the radioactive clouds were blowing and steer paths out of the way. It was unsuccessful on more than one occasion, according to Defense Department records and participants, resulting in efforts to decontaminate ships travelling through contaminated waters and cleansing helicopters only to send them right back into radioactive clouds.

“So far, however, more than 150 service men and women who participated in the rescue mission have since developed a variety of medical issues – including tumors, tremors, internal bleeding, and hair loss – which they feel were triggered by their exposure to radiation. They do not blame the Navy for their predicament, but are joined in an expanding law suit against the Tokyo Electric Power Company, TEPCO, for providing false information to the US officials about the extent of spreading radiation from its stricken reactors at Fukushima. And the decision by the Defense Department to abandon the registry leaves them on their own. . .  Article continued at Fukushima Rescue Mission Lasting Legacy:  Radioactive Contamination of Nearly 70,000 Americans

NOTE: The sparse information released to the public both by the Japanese and and the American governments about Japan’s triple disaster continues to describe it as the “second-greatest nuclear accident in history,” despite overwhelming evidence proving it is the GREATEST nuclear disaster ever. The radiation released is expected to continue damaging people’s health for generations, even thousands of years. See radiation.com.

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2 Responses to Fukushima meltdowns (March, 2011) contaminate nearly 70,000 Americans

  1. Email to me from Joe Mangano, Director of Radiation and Public Health Project at radiation.org, posted here by permission: “Anecdotal reports indicate that there is much suffering in Japan, especially near Fukushima, which appear to be caused by the meltdown. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is failing to cover this development adequately.”


  2. I know a missionary in Japan. She was home about a year ago when he husband suddenly died (not yet 50 years old) and I asked her then about the “incident” and she was very nonchalant about it. She seemed unconcerned. THAT concerned me for two reasons: she lacked compassion for the unfortunate; she may have been uninformed by the Japanese government. I don’t hear from her often. She went back to Japan and does not seem to want to wrap things up as a missionary; yet all of her children (four) live in the U.S. now. Thank you for bringing this information regarding the radiation to my attention.


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