Tim: Settling in

Tim at breakfast Remember when I wrote about Tim and Einstein (Einstein and my brother Tim), how Tim stopped trimming his hair so he could let his thinning hair grow out like Einstein’s? Now Tim looks more like Einstein than Einstein did. (I tried a mothering thing, suggesting he cut or let me cut his hair. Just a grunt: No.)

Here is what he looked like at breakfast recently.

Tim doesn’t usually eat breakfast. He sleeps till noon, or two, or four. He is used to having just one meal, late in the day. But when he got up today, we were making our own lunch, which, because circumstances had made us run late, was our first meal of the day: scr(ham)bled eggs,  orange juice, tea and toast. He got up just in time to be included.

I took this picture and showed it to him. He said, “I’ll put it on a book jacket.” I don’t think he has a speck of vanity.


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One Response to Tim: Settling in

  1. tedrey says:

    Love the picture. Maybe I’ll do that too.

    Don’t worry, J. The color’s right, but I haven’t cut my hair for ages, and it’s still scrawny . . . though maybe from behind . . . hmm.

    Love and peace,


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