Arte y Aves

I mentioned a few of our local birds a couple of posts ago. We have a measly assortment here compared with what friends of ours saw recently.

Sylvia and Dave Riggs traveled from Oaxaca, Mexico, where they do Bible translation, to Ecuador where their grown daughter Jennifer trains Sunday School teachers and others who are teaching children about God. With Jennifer, they spent a month birding in Ecuador, providing Sylvia with subjects for her photographs as well as her paintings. Speaking fluent Spanish gave them unique opportunities to go where tourists don’t.

For those who like birds and/or oil paintings of birds, flowers, Mexican scenes and people, as well as abstracts, you have a treat in store at Sylvia’s blog,  Start with March 21 if you want to follow their still-unfolding birding adventures, illustrated with photos and lists of the birds they saw. I’m pretty sure they managed to see all 1,600 species.


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One Response to Arte y Aves

  1. Thank you, Jessica. I’m enjoying writing of our adventures in another country. Frankly, I’m not sure how many species of birds we did see, but we’ll need to go back some day to see the rest. 🙂

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