P.S. About my age

Okay, so I ended up not using the picture taken with flash. At my age (Jerry is younger), one doesn’t want to be seen with such clarity.

Perhaps some of you are shocked that I am so old. So am I, every time I look in the mirror. I think I’m just playing a part which requires a white wig and wrinkles–but I’m really just me underneath.


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3 Responses to P.S. About my age

  1. tedrey says:

    I’ll vouch for that. Underneath, my sister is still the same lovable brat she’s been for over . . . well, for quite some time now.

  2. Jessica says:

    I think I’m going to BAN family members from commenting on my blog! On the other hand, I can get my revenge by commenting on YOURS!

  3. In two weeks I will turn the leaf to a new decade. Truthfully, it has been bothering me. My age has NEVER bothered me until this year. I don’t FEEL three score and ten so I guess the remedy is to not act it. Lately, however, I have noticed an unexpected slow down. Until this week, however, I envisioned you about 20 years younger than I. Then you mentioned that you were eight years younger than Tim and it naturally calculated in my mind. Good for you to keep going and going and going, and going. . .

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