(Funerals and) Other parties: Andrew, the angel-watcher

angel boy - 6Andrew Shrum‘s celebration was not a funeral. It was his first birthday! Eighty people came to watch him turn one and to be dedicated to the Lord by his grandfather. Read about Andrew and his mother Sarah at First Fridays and heroes. Sarah held Andrew, wearing one of his little vests, turned outward so he could see the big adoring crowd around him as his grandfather talked and prayed.

Andrew has the most amazing response to strangers. He will gaze at you for a moment and then, as if recognizing who you are, that you are his long-lost best friend in the galaxy, he will suddenly beam and wriggle with delight!

He was doing this with the roomful of people–studying one at a time and suddenly lighting up–when I realized he was also focusing over our heads and at our feet or right through us, independently of  what the rest of us were doing, and then bursting into chuckles of joy, clapping his hands. Someone near me sensed it at the same time I did: “He’s seeing angels!”

angel boy - 5oo

angel boy - 7oo

angel boy- 3oo angel boy - 4


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3 Responses to (Funerals and) Other parties: Andrew, the angel-watcher

  1. pictures are not showing, Jessica. Sometimes picture are in the reader, but not if I read from the e mail notification. This time no picture show, only empty boxes. 😦

  2. Ah, there they are! Someday I am going to learn to post pictures. Someday.

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