Harping on The Harbinger – again

I am reading The Harbinger again. At some point in the book (the first time through) I started underlining bits here and there in pencil. Then I switched to red ink and began underlining whole paragraphs. The margins are full of check marks, asterisks, and exclamation points. I came away awed.

In my opinion The Declaration of Independence and The Harbinger are America’s two most important documents. They’re book ends.

Ignore the hype on the cover that makes it sound like a Grade B knock-off of a Harrison Ford movie. It’s a fascinating story with a profound message. The author demonstrates, among other things, how statements by American leaders like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Tom Daschle, and Barack Obama (named only in the end notes) fulfilled specific prophecies in Scripture, even though they had no idea of the sinister significance of what they were saying.

I don’t know any book like it.


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6 Responses to Harping on The Harbinger – again

  1. Have not read it–yet.

  2. Jessica says:

    It’s written as a simple story, a mystery, but it will draw you right in. At least, it did me.

  3. Jessica says:

    Have you had your birthday yet?

  4. David James says:

    I very much understand the appeal of The Harbinger, but not is all as it seems. Although I completely agree that America has sunk to the depths of moral decay and is deserving of God’s most terrible judgments, The Harbinger is not the way to sound the warning. The author has created an illusion (unwittingly, I”m sure) – but the “harbingers” do not exist, but are based on a mishandling of Scripture and a misrepresentation of historical events. I would suggest at least giving a cursory glance at The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction. (articles, reviews and the book can be found through a Google search).

  5. Mr. James,

    As you suggested, I have Googled “The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction.” I note that you are the foremost opponent of the book. My husband and I just left a church which teaches replacement theology. I did not see any of that in Cahn’s book. The book had and still grips me with its powerful and positive message and strikes me as having “the ring (as in sound) of truth.” I think criticism just distracts from what God wants us to face and recognize and deal with regarding His current and coming judgment on this country. Regardless of anything else, we need to hear Cahn’s (God’s) warning and not be distracted by the form the book takes.

    What I would take seriously in a criticism of the book would be statements about this country that Cahn claims are FACTS which can be documented–and which he claims to have documented. Is it true, for instance, that the founder of our country was inaugurated in New York and led the Senate and Representatives to St. Paul’s Chapel immediately afterward to dedicate this nation to God? And that this chapel, this dedication, took place on the very site that would become Ground Zero on 9/11? That the Ground of Consecration became the place where God removed His hand of protection because of our disobedience and defiance? Cahn has footnotes that would lead one to believe these are facts. Did he make them up?

    I think the book speaks for and defends itself. I believe its message is powerful and valid. I still urge everyone in this country to read it.

    Here were a couple of good sites I found with views opposite to yours:



  6. David James says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I have done hundreds of hours of research into Cahn’s facts – some are true, but most are massaged to create a picture that just isn’t accurate. I’m not trying to sell a book, but the fact is that none of the harbingers factually exist the way he portrays them. I have no problem with the form of the book (i.e., it is fiction, per se) – it is the facts – and his handling of the Word of God. While it is true that there are many who stand with The Harbinger – but there are a number of very solid, conservative evangelicals who have endorsed my book as exposing the factual errors throughout The Harbinger. My book is extremely well-documented with around 250 footnotes. If you wish to begin to get a feel for the nature of the factual and biblical problems, you can read my first article on my blog (which because it is under construction and I’m uploading the new site even as I write – you can find it temporarily in place at test.biblicalintegrity.org and go to the Articles and Updates section. I would also be glad to send you the foreword, preface, first chapter and endorsements in my book in a pdf format if you want to send me an email at djames@biblicalintegrity.org . I and many others have been working on this issue for over a year – and my book also speaks for and defends itself, while also demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Harbinger is an illusion. I deeply care about America – but I also deeply care about the truth. I have read every article pro and con concerning The Harbinger that has been written since it came out in January of last year – and I receive an alert in my email any time a new article is written or a new video is posted. I would not say that I’m necessarily the strongest opponent of the book, but so far mine is the only book that documents the depth of the deception.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Dave James
    The Alliance for Biblical Integrity

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