Happy AnniveraryJerry took me to Elise’s Tea Room for tea, scones, and little crustless sandwiches. He ordered a pot of cherry vanilla tea, his two scone choices were lemon and chocolate chip and he had one of each of their six signature sandwiches: egg salad, chicken curry salad, cucumber, cream cheese with chives, black olive on dark bread, apple pecan on raisin bread.

He saved the chicken curry for last. I asked, “Did you like that best?” and he nodded with satisfaction. “It has meat in it.”

How studly.

I had apple cinnamon tea, a plain scone (so I could taste the lemon curd, blackberry jam, and Devonshire cream I piled on it) and a strawberry one. I ate one bite of each sandwich by turn, because I liked them all best.

We both ordered chocolate mousse cake for dessert. It came as one big piece, with a lit candle and a message in red icing. I had to laugh when I read it. I find typos everywhere, can’t help it. I almost feel a meal isn’t complete unless I find a typo on the menu, even in the most exclusive restaurants. “Salmon” without the “l.” “Endive” spelled “ednive.” Things like that.

Once I find the typo, I can relax and enjoy the occasion.


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3 Responses to Tyops

  1. You are the second person this week who has mentioned seeing spelling/typo errors. Here, I worked as a proofreader for a Minnespolis newspaper, and graded hundreds of English papers, and I seldom look for errors. Maybe it is because I am lazy! Even when my eyesight was fairly decent, I still didn’t see errors like that jump out at me. Now, of course, I really don’t see them! My built in magnifier on my computer monitor is a dream! I could not write, read, or post e mails without it. My husband would have NEVER gone to a tea room with me. You are blest.

  2. Chris M says:

    I had to laugh at your comment, “I find typos everywhere, can’t help it.” I’m the same way. It’s not as if I look for them either; they just jump out at me, unbidden. You know, if you read the cake in Scooby Doo’s voice (which I hate!) it sounds just right. 🙂

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