Tartan tights

20130504_194804This picture was on the wall of the Tam O’Shanter restaurant where we ate the other night. (We were seated in Walt Disney’s favorite nook.)

I asked Jerry what it would take, what amount of money would induce him, to ever wear plaid tights. A double-dog-dare?

All I could get from him at first was, “It would have to be a special occasion.”

Like his own funeral, I prodded? Finally he agreed, “I think I’d have to be in my coffin. And then I’d have to be cremated.”

He said he’d rather wear a kilt.


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3 Responses to Tartan tights

  1. ted says:

    And now ask Tim.

  2. Diane Lowell says:

    Could this become a new fashion statement? (Actually, I think not.)

  3. I imagine anything could become a fashion statement. But what would the statement be? “Laughing stock”?

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