Tim: Seed-bearing seeds

A year or two ago, at my request, Tim led me through the first chapter of Genesis. I gained so much from it.

Tim did, too. He seemed especially impressed with verses 11-12:

Then-he-said (G-d), ‘Let-her (the earth)-produce vegetation, seed-bearing plant, seed, fruit-bearing fruit tree to-kind-of-him which seed-of-him in-him, on the land’–and it was so. And-she (the land)-produced vegetation, seed-bearing plant, seed, to-kind-of-him and fruit-bearing tree which seed-of-him in-him to-kind-of- him and-he-saw (G-d) that good.

“It’s saying something like ‘seed-bearing plants bearing within themselves seed to reproduce seed-bearing plants like themselves,'” he said. It expressed with emphatic repetition a continuity of replication of one’s own kind. Nothing in their DNA would allow species to evolve into something other than what they themselves were.

It reinforced for Tim what he had already come to believe, that everything has to have been designed. He says he’s not sure who or what the Designer is but he is no longer able to see blind chance as a rational option for the way things are. He says the evidence for Design is so pervasive he doesn’t know how he could have missed it before.


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2 Responses to Tim: Seed-bearing seeds

  1. It also seems to be a very strong inditement of genetically modified/engineered “life.”

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