FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds

Today, Illustra Media‘s new DVD is being released to the general public. (BlueRay release is June 15.) We have been waiting eagerly for it, our expectations sky high because of their track record. They sent us an advance copy because we helped in a small way to make this extraordinary film possible.

Jerry, my brother Tim and I sat down the day it arrived to watch the result. It is magnificent, elegant, way cool! At the end, sitting in the seclusion of our den, the three of us applauded. Tim declared, “Barukh ata adenoi eloheinu, she kakhalo b’olamo.” (BLESS OUR LORD G-D, WHO HAS SUCH THINGS IN HIS WORLD!)

We hope your appetite will be whetted, as ours was, by this trailer. (If after seeing it, you want to help spread the word, check out https://www.go2rpi.com/E-MailSpecials/Flight-IM-Announcement-1.htm.)


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