Tim: The miracle(s)

Tim's AA chipTim says he thinks he had his first drink at 14 but he dates his alcoholism back to the age of 20. He had his last drink when he was 60.

As of July 23, Tim will have been sober for 17 years. He gave me his first-year chip and his 15-year chip.

He still attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings faithfully twice a week, especially around the holidays, to give the newbies hope it can be done.

But that’s not all. About a decade ago he gave up smoking for Lent (even though he does not claim to be a Catholic or a Christian of any stripe). He gave himself permission to resume when Lent was over but he didn’t or, as he puts it, he hasn’t yet.

And even that’s not all. Sometime toward the end of last year he stopped doing pot, also a 40-year habit. On February 9, 2012, he wrote our mutual brother Ted, with a copy to me, “I haven’t smoked reefer for months. I’m hoping my brain will recuperate on its own.”

I think his brain and his lungs are both recuperating. The chronic bronchitis is less intrusive and his memory and concentration are less like those of a dementia patient and more like those of an absent-minded professor.

I am tremendously grateful to God. And I am so, so very proud of Tim!


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5 Responses to Tim: The miracle(s)

  1. tedrey says:

    Dear sister: Is there anything I can give up so that you can be proud of me too?
    Except for that, of course.

  2. Jessica says:

    You silly. Isn’t it enough that I’m proud of you for what you are and do and don’t have to give up?

  3. tedrey says:

    More than enough.


  4. I am not caught up on your blog. And I am getting e mail notifications. Blessings on you and Jerry, and Tim.

  5. DL says:

    So proud of Tim (and Ted :-). We have a close relative who has been sober less than a year. This person has gone to hundreds of meetings and speaks all over about the joy that comes from
    not continuing the habit of drinking. Much love to all.

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