Brave: Her father is not the only source of concern

Brave’s father is not the only suspected abuser in the home. He lives with his own parents so Brave also spends half of every week with her grandfather–a man who has made openly sexual passes at Brave’s mother and has propositioned her. Brave’s mother asked him outright, “If you are doing these things to me, what are you doing to my daughter when I am not here?” He just shrugged it off, denied he was doing anything.

Does it not matter to the court that Brave does not want to live with, be around, or see her father? (Nor does her younger brother.) Doesn’t it matter that having anything to do with her father triggers self-harming and suicide attempts? Doesn’t that carry any weight at all? I speak with the emotion of a former victim of my own father’s incest when I was 13, the same age Brave is.

I have talked to Child Protective Services and they say they can not prevent abuse. They can only address it once they know it is happening. They say they can’t prevent a kidnaping, only try to stop it somewhere in progress. Brave’s father told her when she got out of the hospital he would take her to Argentina. Let’s just hope Child Protective Services has branches in Argentina and someone who can speak Spanish.


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