Brave: back in the lions’ den

I thought yesterday’s court hearing was to determine permanent custody. Apparently not. Here is what Brave’s mother texted me just now:

“Man, court was INTENSE. The old schedule is back in place temporarily so kids are at dad’s house half the week but child custody evaluation will be starting to determine future permanent custody. It was glaringly obvious that the judge looked away from all of our witnesses and even the child protective services reports, which all expose [ex-husband].

“I am at peace in my spirit that I did everything humanly possible past exhaustion as well as the lawyer – to try to protect her. I can’t control anything in this situation, anymore that I can control the next earthquake. The system is so corrupt and if anything happens to [Brave], her blood is on their hands.”

Heavenly Father, in your Son’s name we ask for warrior angels to do battle for Brave and her younger brother in the heavenlies and for ministering angels to sustain and comfort this beleagured family.


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2 Responses to Brave: back in the lions’ den

  1. DL says:

    I have run into the same situation with Adult Protective Services regarding my sister in Arizona. It is maddening. Of course, my sister tells them everything is fine. Saving a child under these circumstances should not be so difficult! God bless Brave!

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