Maurice Roberts, I needed that

“There is, in God, such a supply of competence and wisdom that He is able to transform every ill into good as soon as it touches us.  .  .

“We fall into periodic fits of despair at the . . . imperfect state of our own souls. . .

“The degree of a Christian’s peace of mind depends upon his spiritual ability to interpose the thought of God between himself and his anxiety.  When the dark cloud of trouble first looms up on the horizon of our thought, then is the time to apply our theology in downright earnest.  For it is not outward circumstances that can drag us down, but our own reaction of despair to them when we fail to perceive the hidden hand of God in all events. . .

“Many situations look too hard at first sight.  These are ordained to give us room to wait on God for His deliverance.  There is a blessing attached to waiting patiently on God. . .”

I blew it again. Blew it royally. Tim yelled at me, cursed me out, moved back to the roach motel. I told him “I’m sorry” but he didn’t want to hear it. He said he is “very, very angry” and told me he came close to going out and getting a drink. When I asked if he accepted my apology he said coldly, never looking at me, “Yes–but not today! Tomorrow.” That was Tuesday. He still refuses to speak or listen to me.

I have done nothing but cry for two days.


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2 Responses to Maurice Roberts, I needed that

  1. DL says:

    Being human is not easy. I, too, am sorry!

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