Even when we don’t have other people living with us Jerry and I spend a lot of time in the privacy of our bedroom. That’s where our computers are. That’s where we live. It’s command central.

We eat some of our meals here, too. When I’m lazy, which is more often than not, Jerry brings up breakfast or lunch on a tray or snacks—cereal, sandwiches, crackers—and we eat in bed.

One morning Jerry woke out of a dream that ants were crawling on his face into the reality that—ants were crawling on his face.

I don’t think a morning has gone by since then when I have not awakened to the tickle of imaginary ants somewhere on me.


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One Response to Bedcrumbs

  1. Ted Reynolds says:

    One of my friends, after waking, slowly focused in on a splotch on her ceiling directly above her bed; it was a bat.

    Nearer to me, both in time and space, a few days ago, while sitting at the only seat in our smallest room, I noticed a spider on the wall less than a foot from me. It’s body was petite, a fourth the size of a shirt button; it’s legs were eight inches across.

    It is now an outside spider.

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