What in the world is God doing in Ethiopia? – Day 1

From: Katie Brown
Sent: Saturday, July 06, 2013 5:40 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: We are here!!!

Good Morning everyone!

So we arrived late last night in Addis and today we got to visit the Zoo and a Museum. Fun stuff! We are all REALLY excited to fly out tomorrow for Arba Minch!

Last night I was at the airport exchanging a large amount of money for our team. Accompanying me was the tall and very important looking Todd Coburn. The money man looked at me puzzled and asked me in his broken English “You are leader of whole group?” I sort of giggled and said yes. The man looked right at Todd and said “Is she joking?”

I was reminded how much our Lord loves to use ‘the least of these’. A rag tag group of 25 Americans, including children, led by a little white lady, and God plans to move mountains through us! It is not of ourselves but only through the Spirit that works within us that we will be able to accomplish anything this week! Please pray along with us for the divine appointments that God has already set up for us… As we journey to Arba Minch and proclaim the Good News of Jesus to those who have never heard his Name. Pray for boldness, healthy bellies and for our God to do miracles before our eyes!

Katie Brown
E3 Partners
Bridges Church

(Note from Jessica: Katie and church contact information pending permission from source.)


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One Response to What in the world is God doing in Ethiopia? – Day 1

  1. Finally made it to the beginning of Katie’s journey. But not too late to pray periodically for those who turn to Christ, to mature. Thank you for posting these. Sometimes we just never know how God is working in these countries where it seems we hear only evil. I think you follow Joel Rosenberg too. He has me praying often for Christians in those enslaved Arab countries.

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