What in the world is God doing in Ethiopia? – Day 2

From  Katie Brown
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 10:22 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Day 2

Hello everyone! I just want you all to know that I am SO blessed that you would read these emails and keep up with our team by praying and hearing our stories. We appreciate your donations and prayers so much and you are absolutely a part of our team here in Ethiopia!

That being said, let me tell you about our day! So this area of Segen is predominately Orthodox, which means they are very “religious’, they pray to Mary, angels, and other saints, but they do not recognize Christ as Savior. They have been trained to close their doors to Christians and to argue certain theological points with us when we approach them. We have been running in to a lot of this opposition and to be very honest, many on our team are a bit discouraged. Today we shared The Gospel with over 800 people and only 55 embraced a relationship with Him for the first time. Having done this for quite sometime, I know that only 1 person gaining residence in the Kingdom of God would make this whole trip worth it, and that genuine persons of peace are few and far between! Even so, we really want the spiritual barriers to be knocked down in these regions and for the scared and spiritually oppressed to find freedom in Christ!!!

Please pray along with us tonight that the people of Segen, Ethiopia would allow God to soften their hearts. Pray that He would give them visions, dreams, and longings for the peace that comes through Jesus! Please pray that they would put their fears aside and make bold proclamations for Christ, and that they will not be persecuted for these beliefs!

I have personally been able to share the Priceless Cube, a tool which educates about the practices and dangers of human trafficking, with many families and many government officials along with The Gospel! The government even asked me to come and share with their people so that they could spread the word to the whole village and be more readily on the look out for trafficking. It does exist in this village on a small scale, but they have said that as the people become more desperate for money, trafficking will increase exponentially. Please pray protection over these people, that they will see that God values each human life… That none would fall prey to the horrific practices occurring in their own city.

So, I am in a bright pink internet cafe right now. The man behind me is apparently telling a really funny story because everyone is laughing, I hope not at me. The windows are open wide and it just began to rain. The smell of the rain on the asphalt is just like at home but the scene is certainly not. A cow just passed the window. I will buy my little street kid friend some cookies on my way back to the hotel and then i will go to sleep… When it rains you don’t need a mosquito net! Good night.

Love you mom.

Until the Whole World Hears…

Katie Brown

E3 Partners

Bridges Church


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5 Responses to What in the world is God doing in Ethiopia? – Day 2

  1. kateekat says:

    “Only” 55? Wow.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. “Only”?!

  3. tedrey says:

    “What in the world is God doing in Ethiopia?”
    Well, I presume He has children there too.
    At times my kids seem to more of their mother than of me, but I love them anyway.

  4. tedrey says:

    . . . seem to THINK more of . . .

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