What in the world is God doing in Ethiopia? – Day 4

From Katie Brown
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:43 AM
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Subject: Day 4!

Hey friends!

Chapter 2 in the story of Ajaboosh…

So, today Jordin and Colson and I returned to visit Ajaboosh and do a Bible Study with her and the new believers in her village. We went to her drink house where everyone had been congregated the day before, but it was vacant, locked up. Our disciple-maker DaTa went and found her in the village and she came and unlocked the house. We went in. About 7 of the new believers followed us in and approximately 85 children came too lol. We sat down and Ajaboosh explained that the reason why the house was not open was because she had permanently closed her business after we challenged her yesterday to take a bold step in the Lord! She just did it! Her faith was such an amazing encouragement to me!

In this new church Colson taught the new believers the Great Commission and exhorted them to proclaim their faith to their families and neighbors. We then asked how we could pray for them. One of the men, a new guy who had not been there yesterday, shared with us that he had a stomach ache. We prayed. He then proceeded to say something to my translator. The man had heard, this morning, that people (us) were there in the villiage to tell the story of Jesus. The man had been laying on his mat. Crippled. Unable to walk. Like for realse the guy couldn’t walk. Upon hearing of our arrival he desired so deeply to hear the Good News of Jesus that he got up off his mat and walked right into the house we were in. Like miracle status! The dude walked! My lack of faith surprised me because I kept confirming with Elizabeth that what she was saying was what really happened! But it did. So incredibly amazing! What a crazy miraculous God we believe in!  Ajaboosh, miracle guy and a super old dude that could read (who we gave a Bible to) are now the pillars of this little baby church in what used to be a “local drink” house! This is church. This is the Kingdom of God!

Today we praise God for a number of miracles, open doors and open hearts! Please pray for these new believers and this new church. Pray protection over them from the persecution from the Orthodox and Witch Doctors in the area. Pray Gods blessings and boldness in them! Pray 1 Thessalonians 1! Pray for us tomorrow that God would complete his work in us in Segen. Tomorrow is our last official day of ministry up there and we are sad to be done!… But the work will continue as our disciple makers follow-up and begin to teach these baby Christians God’s Word!

Pray also that I wouldn’t be so frustrated with my crazy hair. It’s driving me insane. T.I.A.

Until the Whole World Hears…

Katie Brown

E3 Partners

Bridges Church



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