Tim: Godsend 2

I know our niece Naomi doesn’t see herself as a godsend since she doesn’t believe in a god. But she was one, as far as I’m concerned. Although she is a busy doctor in the Bay area, she drove six hours the day after Dago’s visit to talk to Tim privately about his medications. I left a list of what had been prescribed for him. He was refusing to take any of them—including those for memory, mental clarity, and depression—saying he wanted to “clear his system” by taking just a multi-vitamin (one the doctor warned he shouldn’t take because it contains beta-carotene which is bad for his macular degeneration)

Jerry and I didn’t see Naomi until she was about to head back home because we spent the day helping friends move (remember Sarah? https://hiddeninjesus.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/first-fridays-and-heroes/ ) while her one-year old Andrew smiled at everyone, including angels (https://hiddeninjesus.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/funerals-and-other-parties-andrew-shrum-the-angel-watcher/).

We have no idea what Naomi told Tim but since then he has fully cooperated with letting us give him his pills. She told me, when I started to make her a sandwich before she headed out for the six-hour return trip, to let Tim make it, that I should be letting him do more things himself.

Result: He is back to his best, brightest self. Jerry doesn’t bring in the newspaper for him anymore and Tim has been willing to help me make his bed after we wash his sheets.

Naomi told Tim to go for a walk in the sun every day and he has been. He forgot his cane the first day (we had a spare) and his emergency contact information the second day but on the whole, things are going better and I’m training myself to worry less.

In fact at the end of the week we are flying to Portland for the memorial service of my dear friend, former Multnomah University Dean of Women Pam Reeve. We are going to put Tim’s pills in plain sight, time clearly marked (pill cases don’t work for him) and a friend is going to check on him late in the afternoon.

We are going to be gone overnight. If something happens, he has Life Alert. And if he misses three doses of medication, it can’t mess him up as badly as missing both morning and evening doses for 8 days.


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4 Responses to Tim: Godsend 2

  1. as16@juno.com says:

    Sounds good. God does bring people into our lives at just the right time (as He did you at the time Bill needed help and you came and walked him through some memories. HE was resistant at the time but now has some tools to help himself.) Have a nice day away. Allean

    Please note: message attached

  2. High K says:

    Jessica, I just want to make sure that you are all right. I woke up with you on my mind this am. Wondering why you had not been writing lately. Malissa


  3. High K says:

    Home??? Home is where the heart is…? Home is where your mama is…? Home is where you are…?

    Home is where you were born…?

    Where are you from? Probably one of the most common questions asked any individual throughout their life. For a military kid this is both an emotional and confusing question to answer.  In college I answered that question differently depending on my mood.  Sometimes I said VA since that was where I went to high school.  The problem with that is most people would then start referring to me as a northerner, which to me was an insult:) Sometimes I said no where, sometimes everywhere. Other times I would just say San Antonio to avoid the conversation despite the fact that I hadn’t lived there since middle school.  

    As my previous post suggest I have never lived in one place for too long. So where is my home? Well, my heart is in too many places to use that answer. My Mama and Daddy live in North Carolina where I have never lived. I am about to be all over the world so I don’t think that qualifies either. I was born in the Netherlands, but I’ve hardly been back since. My friends in VA tell me that is home, but so do my friends in TX. So I’m back where I started…I don’t know. 

    My parents pastor preached this week out of Revelation on the new heaven and new earth.  What a profound sermon for my conundrum. I will never be able to pin point one specific place and call it “Home”.  The reality is, it doesn’t really matter.  My focus should never be on my home on this earth. For all of eternity I will live on a perfect earth and worship a perfect God. As a christian that should always be my focus, not whether I’m from TX or VA. My folks pastor made a great statement about this. He said,”If you don’t hold this out in front of your face regularly, Jesus will become a therapist.”   May that never be true in my life.  

    Today I am thankful for the life that is to come when Christ returns and makes all things new.  I pray that I would be more consistent in meditating on the redemptive work of Christ and what that means for all eternity, not just me.  

    I apologize in advance to those whom my next statement will offend.  While I’m abroad, if people ask me where I’m from….I’m going to say TEXAS.  Gig ‘em Ags! WHOOP


  4. Hi, sweet lady. Thank you for your concern for me. (Much of it has been warranted.)

    >Home??? Home is where the heart is? (With Jerry) Home is where your mama is? (Heaven) Home is where you are? (Long Beach) Home is where you were born? (Xenia, Ohio)<

    Yes, all of the above.

    Like you, I'm a third culture kid, not because I had a parent in the military but because my dad was a scientist studying the effects of the Hiroshima bomb on children who survived–and because while there he built a yacht and sailed us around the world in it and then into a couple of nuclear test zones to protest the effects of radiation he had found in his 3-year study on radiation.

    Home for the purposes of this visit to the midwest was Yellow Springs, Ohio. I lived there from 0-7. Sometimes I tell people I grew up in Japan. I lived there ages 7-10. Sometimes I tell people I grew up on a boat. (It was home from ages 10-20.)

    I sure hope some reunion to one of our homes (since we both count Oxford among them) coincides with one of yours and we finally get to meet!

    On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 9:20 AM, hiddeninjesus

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