Tim: calmed down, doing great

Tim reports that he is now sleeping well (no more “terminal insomnia” which is thankfully not what it sounds like) and is no longer depressed. Which is good, because I’m having bouts of terminal insomnia and switching violently from depression to mania to panic attacks. (I don’t think Tim has much to do with it.) Today I’m actually feeling what I like to call “normal.”

The three of us are getting along well. Jerry and I have gone back to driving him both directions (taking turns) for his meetings because the last time he walked to the bus–and again the same night when he walked from it–he got going too fast and had a head-on collision with a rough-barked tree that was (fortunately) within grabbing range. Came home with abrasions on wrist and knee, with shoulder and chest pain that he didn’t feel till later.

His meals and nap schedule mean we don’t see much of him during the day but we get together for a nightly “dinner theatre.”

So far we have taken him through all of Star Wars, all of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, 7 Dickenses, all of Jane Austen (Tim said Northanger Abbey was “too condensed”–I thought so, too); 5 Gilbert and Sullivans; 3 different Sherlock Holmes series plus some of The Mentalist; the Bourne series, Chariots of Fire, Tootsie (“quite an elegant film, in the Shakespearean tradition of men playing women”), Babe, The Natural, The Life of Pi (Tim: “liked it but wouldn’t want to see it again, too intense;” you can imagine how intense the movie was for me, having grown up on a circumnavigating boat and being scared of swimming at sea!), the Ice Age series, both Despicable Mes, My Name is Khan, Lion King (to my surprise he didn’t like it, can’t remember why), and last night, Chicken Run (he liked it; it’s too manic for me).

We are currently going through Joan of Arcadia, Back to the Future and Elementary.

About midnight, after he has watched 3-5 hours of movies with us and we stagger off toward bed, glutted and with our eyes spinning in our heads, Tim has Jerry set him up to watch film noir from sets of 50 Mystery Classics and 50 Dark Crime dramas someone gave us for Christmas.


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3 Responses to Tim: calmed down, doing great

  1. He has his days and nights mixed up.

  2. kateekat says:

    You should check out the Firefly Series, and then finish with the Serenity movie. Our Kaylee was named for one of the characters. I LOVE that series, tho it is not for children.

  3. Duly ordered from Netflix. Thanks.

    On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 6:54 PM, hiddeninjesus

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