Benign as in “friendly”?

The other evening Tim came upstairs–I thought he wanted to check his e-mail–and reported that “about five times in the past month,” while lying on his back, he has had the sensation of falling forward. He tries to raise his hands to break his fall, only to find he can’t move–and that he has been dreaming.

He wondered aloud if he should see his neurologist. I said I could make him an appointment in the morning but in the meantime I’d Google it.

How would you know what to Google?”

“I’ll type in ‘sensation of falling forward while lying on back.'”

I did and immediately had a plethora of websites discussing odd and related experiences. Turns out it’s an inner ear thing, something to do with loose crystals.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

Benign. Sounds like a familiar spirit.

One site said it’s caused by lying on one’s back “too much.” I wondered who determines how much is too much. I guess by definition if you get BPPV that’s too much.

Hasn’t stopped him, though. He sleeps on his back almost exclusively all morning long and during his afternoon naps. He says it isn’t scary, especially since he’s had it several times now and knows it’s a dream. And it doesn’t hurt.


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  1. says:

    I had that and the physical therapist has a treatment for that. It worked and I don’t have it any more. Ask the dr. about a physical therapist that can do the maneuver. It took about three treatments.

    Please note: message attached

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